Thursday 30 March 2017

The difference between Discovery and Invention

An invention is completely new to the world and it is about creating something totally new with one's own ideas and development, whereas a discovery is recognition of something that already existed but till the time, no one was able to find it. Invention is creating something original and advanced, typically a process or a device. Discovery generally represents natural occurrences, while inventions represent scientific, human made artifacts of processes etc. Discovery is done by EXPLORATION, while invention gets success by EXPERIMENTATION. From scientific point of view, a discovery cannot be patented but an invention can be patented. America was discovered by Columbus and telephone was invented y Graham Bell. It's always said, "All you need for a great invention is within yourself".                                                                                                                                       - Dhruva Kakkad

Thursday 2 March 2017

Why do I love Science?

I love science because it is a meaningful and interesting subject. It is so agreeable. Let me study things that went extinct long ago and are never coming back. It can very part of a information. Science is a subject of hard work and you don't discover anything but even then you can let other. It is essence of what defines is as humans being naturally curious about everything that surrounds us and to develop methods to answer the question. It is international and allows us to cross cultural and religious boundaries. 
                                                                                      -  Nitesh Patidar

Sunday 26 February 2017

What is Science?

Science is the study of all the happenings around us. It is the study of discoveries and inventions done in the history. These inventions are proved very beneficial for our routine life. These have made human life comfortable. Science revolves around knowing, understanding, experimenting, wondering, observing etc.. All the scientific inventions and discoveries are found out due to experiments carried out many times with lots of efforts by scientists. Actually science is everything that relates to our routine life.
                                                                                                        -  Dhruva Kakkad

Saturday 25 February 2017

Life of a science student

Science students are the most carious student among the student community. They have clear vision. This field of study is competitively struggling than any other field. The students are most serious and hard working, Though in this field many scientist, engineers and doctors have changed the world and gave separate vision to see the universe. Student of this field have to work hard with full concentration. They are students with most discipline and mostly they avoid the mischief and only focus on their studies. They do their work with the time and use each seconds in order to complete their work.                                                                         - Ramesh Hadiya

Importance of a goal in the life of student

Think that one is come out from his home but he does not know that where he want to go or have to go. So he can not choose the way. This is how, the life of the student without a goal. If they have no goal, they can not choose the way of their life and slowly slowly, they waste their time without doing anything. This is not important that students have goal according to education field. Many students have other talents like music, dance, acting, writing, poetry etc. So they can make their goal according to their talent or hobby. This is not enough that students have goal but it is  necessary to surrender their life to fulfill their goal. Goal is achieved by the perfect planning, without planning it remains as only wish.

                                                           -  Brinda Bhatt

What is Science?

The word 'Science' brings many difficult pictures to mind. The field of science gives us luxurious life. Science is a body of both knowledge and process. It helps to know how things works. It can be develop new technologies. It is not a subject of study but a broad area of technological world. It is responsible for the comfortable facilities, which we use in routine life. The importance of science can not be described in few words. It is related to the knowledge of new technologies. As a subject it contains practicals as well as theory. So it gives the practical knowledge which is very important to understand anything easily. Thus Science is the reason of our comfort and the technology which used by us in many ways. 

                                                                                   - Mitrajsinh Vaghela

What I mean by Microbiology?


Microbiology is a branch of biology, which deals with microorganisms and their contribution to other life forms. Microbiology is an aggregate of three Greek words :- mikros = small, bio = related to living  forms of life and logy = study. Microbiology provides the path to reach to the roots of evolution of organisms. It is a detailed study of origin of life. Microbes, at every stage has evolved as both friend and foe to human beings. The basic concept of life has been acknowledged by studying them. The microbes have contributed tremendously in various fields. Medical science has developed to its peak since 200 years as a result of studying them. Viruses among the microbes have remained as a bridge between the living and non-living. The human age would have been half of the percent age without the innovation of medicines. Microbiology is an ocean of opportunities for them who are eager to study the basis of life. They are omnipresent unlike other organisms. In brief, it can be said that the building of macro world stands still on the pillars of micro world.

                                                                                                                     - Jill Vora